Wednesday, July 19, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (1)

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As we were researching our stories for publication today (19/07/2023), we were alerted to a story which we ourselves have published on CW today.

What has caught our attention is the following : 

Pat Buckley, an ex-priest who was excommunicated from the Catholic Church after being “ordained” into the “Independent Catholic” movement, had also shared the fake statement on his blog, claiming he received the remarks “by way of a comment” and that it had reportedly “appeared on Stricklands’s [sic] Twitter account.”

CNA reached out to Buckley to ask specifically from where or from whom he received the comment and why he did not verify its accuracy before posting it. Buckley declined to answer. “I do not correspond with people who address me as ‘Mr.,’” he said.

So, let us be very clear here in relation to this - when asked to clarify the validity or to verify the source of the posting of a false narrative, all that Buckley could do was (laughably) invoke his own ego and refuse to respond on the basis that he was not addressed correctly!!

How does the mitre fit on that ego? 

But let us assure our colleagues in CNA that this is not the first, and perhaps yet, not the last time, that Buckley has got it wrong in relation to the truth - and that is something that we here in CW will be making known internationally very, very soon.

Buckley trumpets himself as someone who will correct any error made by him when he gets it wrong - and he does, regularly - and we have screenshots of such claims made by him.

But yet when evidence to the contrary of his wrongdoing is made known to him, Buckley has thus far not changed the story to the actual truth - and again, we here in CW will correct the records he fails to - despite his many public promises to do so.

So Buckley, the truth of any matter is sacrificed on your own altar-ego (that is an intentional play of words specially for you), just because you are addressed as 'Mr'....

It will yet be interesting when you are standing (yet again) before your peers and you will be asked why you did not correct your errors....are you going to claim it was because you were not addressed as per a title you deem yourself to be worthy? 

We sincerely look forward to seeing how that works out for you...