Thursday, August 27, 2009

Derry needs babies called Columba!

Fr Roland ColhounThe parish of Long Tower in Derry City is calling on all expectant parents to consider naming their son after St Columba to mark the centenary celebrations of St Columba's church.

Throughout 2009 the parish has been celebrating its 100th anniversary in many innovative ways and is now asking parents to choose Columba, Colmcille, or Colm as the name for their new baby boys.

Fr Roland Colhoun, Adm, told The Irish Catholic that the idea came to him when he realised that he was mainly baptising children with Columba as a second name rather than a Christian name.

''Columba is the patron of the city and he should be remembered not just in prayer but in practical ways. Naming children Columba means they have a friend in Heaven and it keeps the spirit of our Christian culture alive.''

The appeal was sent out in the parish newsletter last weekend and was the theme of the homilies at Mass, and, according to Fr Colhoun, he has received a very positive reaction from parishioners.

At the end of 2009, Long Tower parish will offer a novena of Latin Masses for babies throughout Ireland who have been baptised or will be baptised as Columba.

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