Saturday, December 23, 2023

CWI : Operation Laonia (25)

 CWI : Operation Laonia

Christmas greetings to Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan, who is going to be 'busy' this festive season.

You will be busy importing 2 new priests from Uganda, and will then have to entertain 2 fellow bishops namely Hayes (Kilmore) and Nash (Ferns) post-Christmas.

However, Fintan, you will also have a post-Christmas visit from the combined spirits of Christmas Past and Present - and this visit will have a very serious impact on whether you have another future Christmas as Bishop of Killaloe.

We here in CW would certainly not like the good people of Killaloe to have to endure what is going to come their way - financially and reputationally - as a faith community, all thanks to your incompetence.

We would like to put the following question to you to ponder over the Christmas Fintan - do you still believe her?