Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gaydar Irish Priest To Make Statement

The East Clare village of Feakle is reeling this day from the sensationalist journalism of The Sun newspaper which has 'exposed' their priest, Fr Michael Hogan as being gay and an avid user of the website.

Fr Hogan, using the handle name of 'usir' was partial to surfing the site and forwarding pictures of himself in his underwear and indeed would also send pictures of his face.

This was what caused his situation to be known when he sent such a picture to a cruiser (namely one Brian Nugent) who happened to be local enough to know that Fr Hogan was their local parish priest.

His profile, this morning, has been removed from the website but there are at least 3 other priests using the site and there is a suspicion that one of them is close to becoming bishop in one of the upcoming papal appointments to a diocese here in Ireland. 

This does not bode well for Bishop Walsh who would be Fr Hogan's superior, and indeed it now looks that the bishop may have some serious housecleaning to do.

Indeed, in the gay priest stakes, the Bishop may not have too far within the diocese to throw a casting net and under one's own roof in one's own house doth it all begin and end!!

Clare priest to make statement about newspaper articles

A well-known Co Clare priest is promising to make a statement later following articles written about him in a tabloid newspaper this morning.

The Sun has published photographs of Fr Michael Hogan that it says were displayed on a gay website.

The photos show Fr Hogan, the parish priest of Feakle, posing in his underpants.

When contacted this morning, the priest said he was aware of the story, but had yet to see the paper for himself and would make a statement on its content later.

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