Thursday, November 27, 2008

Warning on church finances

ECONOMIC CHALLENGES facing Dublin's Catholic archdiocese were "quite dramatic" due to the current turmoil in finances worldwide and the crash of Ireland's property market, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has said.

Expressing a hope that there would not have to be cutbacks in services provided by the church, he said "disposable income is limited, and we have no idea where the money is coming from for church activities".

He said "services to the poor cost more, as do food shelters, but when we need to provide them the money must be found to do so".

The archdiocese was "facing the same challenges as everyone else".

Archbishop Martin was speaking at a press conference in Maynooth yesterday as the Irish Episcopal Conference continued its three-day winter meeting, which ends today.

He was accompanied at the press conference by the newly ordained Bishop of Down and Connor, Most Rev Noel Traenor.

The archbishop said less than 5 per cent of the Dublin archdiocese's income came from investments, but "indications are this will be non-existent next year".

Church collections were responsible for 70 per cent of the annual income in Dublin, while the remainder in recent years had been from the sale of assets, mainly property. "This has probably dried up completely."

It had "produced money for various uses, and not just for compensation ". This resource was "also used for projects in parishes".

"We will now have to put a clear stop to a number of important projects. But we still need new churches and older ones need maintenance. The Pro-Cathedral needs serious investment."

Yet advice from the archdiocese's financial advisers was "pretty dramatic where the future is concerned and the unknowns there".

Responding to a question on the upheaval in finance worldwide, Bishop Traenor said "certainly there has been much irresponsibility, which points to a need for the reform of financial institutions and their modus operandi ".

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Anonymous said...

As things are so tight in the Diocese might we suggest most definitely NOT GOING AHEAD with the renovations INSIDE Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Bray which have been approved by Archbishop's House at the request of the Parish Priest Fr. Larry White. The ordinary Parishioners were NOT asked to vote on it or to give their views or were even consulted. The MAJORITY of the Parishioners are calling what is going to be done to the Altar area a DESECRATION of the beautiful Altar that is already there. They and their families raised the money to build this Church back in 1946 and like the inside as it is.

It is another matter that the roof NEEDS to be replaced and has been in need of this for some years. That is ALL that needs to be done at this time.

The Sacristy is perfectly fine as it is and does not need to be RIPPED APART either. I am sure those working in the Church area like the Sacristan, flower arrangers, cleaners can vouch for this that they are happy with things as they are.

MONEY HAS BEEN HELD BACK BY ANGRY PARISHIONERS since it was announced that this DESECRATION was going to take place. There are relics in the beautiful altar that is going to be torn asunder and whole thing has upset so many who have NO SAY IN THE MATTER.

The Parish Priest Fr. Larry White formed his RENOVATION COMMITTEE with close friends in the Parish who would give the YES approval to his plan to do this work which will cost a lot of money in a time when it is not available AND on a project that NOBODY IN THE PARISH WANTS.

The Parish Priest would not send around a form to have people vote on it and even if one was allowed it would need to be done by those OUTSIDE the Parish because things in this particular Parish are NEVER ABOVE BOARD.

As a matter of interest said Parish Priest Fr. Larry White did the SAME THING regarding the car park area which was fine since 1946and without consulting Parishioners had DREADFUL metal ramps installed and painted with yellow lines and also metal posts which have been knocked over so many times we have lost count by the cars going in and out (we are sure doing damage to the cars as well as the posts so lets hope the Parishioners sue the Parish for the damage!!) of the Vevay Road so that now they have finally been taken down WHILE THE PARISH PRIEST IS AWAY SUPPOSEDLY ON SICK LEAVE. If he was there he would be making sure his idea stayed there.

With all the ramps, posts, markings it is like a supermarket or factory car park now and now that of a Church.

This Parish Priest has VERBALLY ABUSED PARISHIONERS parking close to the front of the Parish Centre to deliver items and has been known to leave HANDWRITTEN NOTES on the windscreens of cars and vans parked there criticising where they are and how long they stay and now NO VANS are allowed although some men who do afternoon shifts in local shops used to park their vans there for 30 minutes to get the 1.05 p.m. Mass and now they are not allowed to. They are being turned away from the Church like many others.

The Parish is run by a DICTATOR who has to go.