Saturday, November 29, 2008

Diocese of Derry Deep Financial Straits

News has reached us here that Derry Diocesean authorities were in discussions this week with advisors to ascertain if they can continue to host the christmas parish savings scheme.

This scheme would involve people placing savings with the Diocese who would then invest it in high yield accounts.

The interest that would tally up from these investments would have been initially signed over to the Diocese with the principle sum being returned to those who had given it to the Diocese.

An estimated 42 million pounds is saved throughout the diocese and banks and church leaders fear an institution collapse would be catastrophic for savers and the bad investments would leave the church out of pocket.

It seems that Mammon may indeed be the real God in the Diocese of Derry, and no doubt in every other Diocese in this fair isle of ours...look towards your own and ask is your money after all!!!

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Sotto Voce

(Source: PVT)