Sunday, November 30, 2008

Advent Reflection - November 30th 2008 (1st Sunday of Advent)

Today is the feast of St Andrew the Apostle, patron of Scotland, about whom we know very little, especially in the Gospels.

What we do know is that he brought his brother Simon to meet Jesus (John 1:40); brought the loaves and fishes to Christ (John 6:8) and was approached by the Greeks and Philip to bring them to meet Jesus (John 12:20).

The bringing of the Good News of Jesus is the key definition of the term apostle, and with such, His love and compassion for all.

Andrew was an approachable apostle and perhaps serves as a reminder to all, especially clergy of all rankings, that we are to be open, tolerant and accepting of all who come to us seeking compassion and love.

Lord, help me to be always aware of your presence
as I wait for Your coming.