Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pope Benedict: Islamofascist

At least that's what we'll be hearing soon since the Pope is against dropping nukes on toddlers and women and other innocents in Iran. They even think it's okay to speak of Iranians as if they were humans.

And they suggest diplomacy as an alternative to nuclear holocaust. The Pope hates us because we're free.

It's hard to say what will be trotted out when the neoconservatives tire of his constant opposition to the endless war in Iraq and the opposition to the coming war with Iran, but here's a possible list:

1. The Vatican is part of "Old Europe"

2. Benedict was a Hitler Youth as a child

3. Weren't some French people popes once?

4. We heard that Benedict was once a Hitler youth

5. Pius XII was Hitler's Pope

6. All religious extremists think alike (The Hitchens Theorem)

7. Did we mention that the Pope was once a hitler youth?!?

It's certainly been done before:


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