Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pontiff Urges Prayer for Annapolis Meeting

Benedict XVI seconded the U.S. bishops' appeal for a day of prayer for the Holy Land, leading up to Tuesday's meeting with Israelis and Palestinians in Annapolis, Maryland.

The Pope mentioned the meeting in his address today after concelebrating Mass with the newly elevated cardinals, and before praying the midday Angelus.

The Holy Father said: "On Tuesday, at Annapolis in the United States, Israelis and Palestinians, with the help of the international community, intend to relaunch the negotiation process to find a just and definitive solution to the conflict that has bloodied the Holy Land for 60 years and provoked so many tears and so much suffering among the two peoples."

"I ask you to join yourselves to the day of prayer declared today by the U.S. bishops' conference to implore the Spirit of God for peace for that region so dear to us and to give wisdom and courage to all the protagonists in this important meeting."

The Pontiff concluded by expressing gratitude "to those faithful who have come from far away to accompany the new cardinals and participate in this event, which manifests in a singular manner the unity and universality of the Catholic Church."

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