Monday, November 30, 2009

Commission to publish second report on sex abuse

The commission that investigated sex abuse in the Catholic archdiocese of Dublin is to publish a second report on clerical abuse in the capital.

A spokeswoman for the commission, which is chaired by Judge Yvonne Murphy, told The Sunday Business Post that it would be producing an ‘‘additional report’’.

It will be based on new information that the commission obtained after submitting its first report to the Department of Justice, and a copy was forwarded to the Garda Commissioner in July.

The material is expected to require a new investigative phase by the commission.

The new evidence is believed to relate to alleged sex abuse by some of the 46 priests whose cases were originally examined by Murphy and lawyers Ita Mangan and Hugh O’Neill.

Meanwhile, the commission may be compelled to shred all files which it assembled in relation to a further 56 alleged clerical child abusers.

These individuals came to the attention of the commission during its preliminary information-gathering phase and are additional to the 46 sample cases examined and reported on by the commission.

Destruction of the material would mean that it would not be available to the review team – established by Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy and headed by Assistant Commissioner John O’Mahoney – which will examine last week’s Murphy Report.

It is believed that these files include limited information from the Church and state which was not in the possession of the Garda Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault unit, which is based at Harcourt Square in Dublin city centre.


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