Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clerical Love...


Anonymous said...


I love it!

Thought you could not do any better than the ON A BREAK but this even beats that.

Great to see someone in the Church with an open mind and not hiding anything under the carpet for fear it upsets anyone or rocks the boat.

Great to have someone who does not discriminate and publishes all and lets everyone decide for themselves.

Rock on Father - You are ONE OF A KIND. Truly human. Congratulations.

Charlotte Thérèse said...

I got, and posted, a link to this video a few days ago - at the same time as I got the news about a research showing that more than half of the Polish priests wish that they could have a family. 12% admitted that they actually have a relation with a woman. And the gay priests with or without relationships weren't even counted into those numbers... But those who made the research thought that around 33% of the RC priests are gay.

Guess this may be true for most countries - not just Poland.

Cool with the woman priest at the end of the video... :-)