Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Burglars target novena takings

A five strong community of Franciscan friars in Wexford have become recent victims of crime.

The thieves, who forced their way into the friary during the night, ransacked an office and made off with the takings of a novena collection.

Friary guardian Fr. Aidan said he and his five fellow-Franciscans had slept through the break-in.

He admitted that the burglars had taken “a considerable amount of money” from the office safe.

“We had received quite a lot of money for Novenas from people in the run up to Christmas and everything was taken,” he said.

“The five of us moved to the Friary eighteen months ago and nothing like this has happened to me personally before,” Fr Aidan added.

“We are all stunned and upset by what has happened”.

But, he said, he understood it was not the first time that the Friary had fallen victim to thieves.

The guardian said people in the local community had been very supportive when they learned of the Franciscans’ misfortune.

“We have been inundated with calls of support and many people have been calling to give us donations,” he said.

“We are very appreciative of the goodwill of the Wexford people and we will endeavour to ensure that this has no impact on our Christmas celebrations.”

It is understood that the friars were not the only victims of burglars in the run-up to Christmas and break-ins at a pharmacy, a clothes shop and a bookshop were also reported.

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