Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clerical Errors - December 2008

My dear friends, here are a few pieces of note which have come across our desk here, and we hope you find them interesting...

Bishop Wishy Washy Walsh (Killaloe) to all accounts he is due to step down sooner rather than later and thereafter focus on raising his voice with those of others who shall be singing as a retired all male choir in Ennis...

...and now to the matter of his successor, which it is hoped will NOT be Fr Tom Ryan, PP in Shannon Co Clare (pic'd here) who many in Shannon believe the sun shines from his ecclesiastical posterior.

However, for those of us here in reality, this is not the case and indeed his tongue is more acidic than ever before.

At the recent ordination down there, he was overheard passing a rather nasty comment to a husband and wife before walking away with a smirk on his otherwise back-of-bus face!!

Imagine the like of him as a bishop (God between us and all harm!!) there would be no end to the power trip God help them all down there in the Diocese of Killaloe, and no doubt it would be expensive!!!

And now on to another matter commented upon in this blogspot in relation to Fr Hal Somerville who classes himself as a healer!!

We here at CW received a rather arrogant and pretentious email from Fr Michael E Burke OMA no doubt at the direction of aforementioned Fr Somerville, and we certainly responded, perhaps not in a way as would have been wished.

After receiving this rebuke, we decided to do a little extra research in relation to Fr Hal, and have had it brought to our attention that Fr Somerville was somewhat 'obliged' to leave Derry a few years ago for claiming he was a healer.

Those who had visited him in the hope of some form of healing came away rather disappointed, and word got around that something as rather amiss, and once confronted, Fr Somerville duly made his exit.

To this day, there are many who feel duped by him, but fret not, he is contactable as follows:

The Granary, Dromore, Kilmactranny, Co Sligo...which was originally placed on the property market some time ago but subsequently removed.

Also, the OMA website has been updated but the pictures of members has been removed - one wonders has this anything to do with the fact that the presiding bishop left a bill of a few thousand over in the USA from a previous parish? or that one of its members in the UK is passing money to another religious organisation which would not be favourable towards OMA?

Ah sure, tis a funny old world indeed!!!

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Sotto Voce

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