Friday, December 05, 2008

Parish in Bray (7)

Further to the above well researched posting I imagine this little titbit should find itself at home in the Parish of Our Lady Queen Of Peace Putland Road, Bray, County Wicklow.

I am a member of the largest army in Ireland and was an alter boy at 8 years of age till 14.

I Served under priests such as Very Rev. Father Courtney, Father Fitzgerald, Father Hastings, Father Breen and often served mass at 6am to facilitate Young Ladies and Young Men who were 'on their way to England 'as soon as 6am mass was over most of whom were In The Family Way.

The above mentioned Priests were lovely ,kind and understanding and unlike the Former P.P. WHO IS ON SICK LEAVE , in my humble opinion they were gentlemen who walked the walk and talked the talk.

My children also attended this church on their way to Growing Up etc.

What do I see today ?

I see a Fás Centre with a Church in the Grounds , a system revolving around money and local nod and wink brigade, I see a Lady who has been Hurt deep down in her heart, bullied, ridiculed from the altar by a former P.P.who is as cunning as a fox and a hypocrite to boot.

The Church i refer to was run by that gouger who ought to hang his head in shame for the atrocious behaviour towards the parish secretary and his bitterness towards mankind in general.

Do they give a tuppenny f*** about you or I when we are seeking solace or when the needy are in temporary''crisis'', Divil a bit they do not.

When they have contacts in the local Garda force who are quite prepared to intimidate the parish secretary to the point of terror during ''An Interview '' in order to appease Silver Daddy whilst he gorges on Single Malt Whiskey tuned into his Digital Pay Per View Golf and other sports, kindly financed by parishioners who have at last seen the light.

I had reason to speak to the above on a number of occasions in relation to Family Matters and was met with a brick wall of incompetence by Silver Daddy who has earned his place in the history books as bringing shame upon a parish which I still hold dear to my heart.

As for The Parish Secretary ,the lady will also earn her place in the history books as a pioneer who took Silver Daddy ON and simply told THE TRUTH taking the flak and suffering in silence 24/7 while the parishioners were drip fed lie after lie after lie.

My all time favourite poem written by Rudyard Kipling ,entitled ''IF'' is dedicated to Ms Margaret Owens the REAL Parish Secretary. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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