Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sotto Voce...CW October 2008 Updates

My dear friends in Christ, we reach the end of another month, and prepare to face into the winter as it approaches in the guise of an autumnal October.

September 2008 has been a milestone in its own right for CW with the 10,000 postings mark being broken, over 470,000 visitors have logged on and the comments are coming in droves.

September also some slight readjustments with the overall blogspot as a direct result of your comments, queries etc which are as always welcome.

Rosary Month

For the month of October, CW will have a special feature each evening which will consist of the Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary being reflected upon and I encourage you all to sit down and reflect each evening upon each of the Mysteries.

Blog Action Day 2008

On October 15th, 2008, CW shall be participating in the Blog Action Day which this year focuses on Poverty.

In this regard, I ask each and all of you to submit either a local piece in your area or something personal in relation to poverty to CW for publishing on that date.

Each day of postings shall include the promo video in the lead up to October 15th as a gentle reminder.

Further information in relation to Blog Action Day 2008 can be obtained by clicking on this link:


I sincerely hope to hear from you all in whatever way, and blessings upon you all.

Sotto Voce

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