Thursday, December 04, 2008

Parish in Bray (6)

As an UPDATE to above this Sunday 12 new Eucharistic Ministers were commissioned in Our Lady Queen of Peace Church.

Nobody knew about the new recruits or requested anyone to apply. It was all done in secret by direct approaches to the individuals.

Nobody knew about the training course that they attended either.

This was all done purely for the purpose of discriminiation in case the person turned down 3 years ago would dare to apply again.

This Parish only takes on THE CHOSEN FEW - so they now have a new 12 (Apostles?) to follow the Parish Priest!!!!

All of this stinks to high heaven.

* No other Parish is ruled the way this one is.

* No other Parish descriminates the way this one does.

* No other Parish covers up and hides the UNSAVOURY goings on in the Parish the way this one does.

* No other Parish treats staff who work for the Church the way this one does.

* No other Parish dismisses members of the Parish Council by dissolving the Parish Council when they have no legal basis to remove a member because of an employment dispute - then signs up all the other members again, the way this one does.

* No other Parish writes to a Liturgy Group member telling them the group is disbanded (which was untrue) puts the name Jubilee before the title and everyone except that one member stays on while the other member is excluded, the way this one does.

* Nobody does anything about it.

* Nobody steps in and disciplines the Dictator who runs it The Parish Priest. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Anonymous said...


This item has just appeared on Indymedia in relation to the above Parish. It is for your information.

The Lord Is My Shepherd
by Michael - Human League Thu Dec 04, 2008 06:50
Further to the above well researched posting i imagine this little Tit Bit should find itself at home in the Parish of Our Lady Queen Of Peace Putland Road
Bray County wicklow.
I am a member of the largest army in Ireland and was an alter boy at 8 years of age till 14. I Served under priests such as Very Rev. Father Courtney ,
Father Fitzgerald ,Father Hastings ,Father Breen and often served mass at 6am to fascilitate Young Ladies and Young Men who were 'on their way to England 'as soon as 6am mass was over most of whom were In The Family Way. The above mentioned Priests were lovely ,kind and understanding
and unlike the Former P.P. WHO IS ON SICK LEAVE , in my humble opinion they were gentlemen who walked the walk and talked the talk..
My children also attended this church on their way to Growing Up etc.
What do i see today ? I see a Fas Centre with a Church in the Grounds , a system revolving around money and local nod and wink brigade ,I see a Lady
who has been Hurt deep down in her heart, bullied ,ridiculed from the alter by a former P.P.who is as cunning as a fox and a hypocrite to boot.
The Church i refer to was run by that gouger who ought to hang his head in shame for the atrocsious behaviour towards the parish secretary and his
bitterness towards mankind in general. Do they give a tupenny f*** about you or I when we are seeking solace or when the needy are in temporary
''crisis'' ,Divil a bit they do not. When they have contacts in the local garda force who are quite prepared to intimidate the parish secretary to the point
of terror during ''An Interview '' in order to appease Silver Daddy whilst he gorges on Single Malt Whiskey tuned into his Digital Pay Per View Golf
and other sports ,kindly financed by parishioners who have at last seen the light.
I had reason to speak to the above on a number of occasions in relation to Family Matters and was met with a brick wall of incompetence by Silver Daddy
who has earned his place in the history books as bringing shame upon a parish which i still hold dear to my heart.
As for The Parish Secretary ,the lady will also earn her place in the history books as a pioneer who took Silver Daddy ON and simply told THE TRUTH
taking the flak and suffering in silence 24/7 while the parishioners were drip fed lie after lie after lie.
My all time favourite poem written by Rudyard Kipling ,entitled ''IF'' is dedicated to Ms Margaret Owens the REAL Parish Secretary.

Anonymous said...

"NO SEASON OF GOODWILL - OR CHRISTIAN CHARITY" at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Bray.

Today after 10 a.m. Mass as the ex-Parish Secretary left the Parish Centre after putting her parents names on the Christmas Vigil Altar List she was almost accosted by a 'holier than thou' female Parishioner in early 60's who growled at her "YOU HAVE A NECK TO BE AROUND HERE".

Here was a lady who had just been to Mass, possibly received Holy Communion, stayed on to pray for a short while as the ex-Secretary went to the Parish Centre and as this lady left God's House she said something like that to another human being!!!!

It has to be said that because of untruths put about by the Parish Priest to the likes of this lady (often in the presence of the ex-Secretary) that she has been treated as a Leper for the past 3 years. Anyone seen speaking to her is quietly warned off by the PP.

Diarmuid Martin knows ALL about the carry on at this Parish and HE SITS ON HIS HEAD AND IGNORES IT. The problems are NOT GOING AWAY - they are getting worse and worse.

Another lady later met the Secretary to announce "Unfortunately the Parish Priest will return from his 5 month sojourn on 14th - you hold your head up high and ignore him and the rest of them".

As anyone can see it is as plain as day this Parish is split right down the middle with those FOR the Parish Priest and those FOR the ex Secretary.

Here is a man the Parish Priest who studied psychotherapy in Eckhart House for 8 years and he could not sit down and resolve things with a Parish worker 3 years ago and has let things get to this stage.

Unfortunately the reason he could not sit down and resolve things was he thought the Secretary who loved her job and being of service to the Parish Community was just going to walk away on his whim but how wrong he was. She is still in the throes of a very expensive legal battle that has cost her Euro 26k to date while the Insurance Companies throw money at the Parish Priest to pay his costs.

At the time of her unfair dismissal she was also Secretary and member of both the Parish Council and Liturgy Groups and was thrown out of both for no good reason other than the bully tactics of the Parish Priest.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for and almost 600 people initially signed a petition for the Secretary's reinstatement and the petition was sent to Diarmuid Martin and the Parish to be ignored. They were local people who used the Parish Office every day for over 4 years while the Secretary worked there.

As the Parish Priest had no real reason to let the Secretary go he had to invent one after dismissing her, so he used a carrot to get the Secretary to go for an assessment in order to get her job back. This assessment was a complete set up bought and paid for by the Parish Priest who broke medical ethics meeting and briefing the person doing the assessent who knew he was in a major employment dispute with the person being assessed and the PP's legal team and PP chose and paid the man doing the assessment. It was a set up pure and simple and he got the report he paid for citing the Secretary could not go back to work at the Parish. The Secretary in turn got 3 independent reports clearing her of what the Church report stated but the Catholic Church being GOD said oh no our report is the real one no going back to your job.

The psychological damage that has been caused with this damning untrue and bought report, together with the lies coming from the local Church to turn people against another fellow human being knows no bounds. If you were living in a society like USA you could sue the Church for MILLIONS for the damage it has done in this case to an innocent person because primarily she got to know too much about the Parish Priests private life through no fault of her own and because she complained about porn and harrassment in the workplace and a male employee sending risque emails on her Parish computer that she could have been blamed for.

This case will go on forever until there is an apology for the wrong doing caused and the Parish Priest is put in his place and seen for who and what he is. His ultimate Boss is the man upstairs - how can he live with himself!!!!

The awful truth is this man is returning to the Parish Saturday week to cause more mayhem and destruction and to be as arrogant and hypocritical as ever.

Who ever heard of a Parish Prist having 2 local Gardai take an ex-Parish Secretary's fingerprints and DNA samples to harrass and try to scare her away. Well it happened in this case. With the crime in the country how did this Parish Priest get the local Gardai to do his bidding like that. One phone call and he is up to take you to the local station. It happened twice + a further 'warning' in the home.

Oh my the POWER, CORRUPTION, LIES, COVER UPS, are still going on.

The abuse report is due out shortly God help the men women and children who suffered at the hands of those Priests but it seems nobody has learnt anything. There are STILL Priests out there causing ABUSE be it psychological, bullying or physical AND Diarmuid Martin buries his head in the sand.
May God Forgive Him.