Thursday, December 04, 2008

Parish in Bray (6)

As an UPDATE to above this Sunday 12 new Eucharistic Ministers were commissioned in Our Lady Queen of Peace Church.

Nobody knew about the new recruits or requested anyone to apply. It was all done in secret by direct approaches to the individuals.

Nobody knew about the training course that they attended either.

This was all done purely for the purpose of discriminiation in case the person turned down 3 years ago would dare to apply again.

This Parish only takes on THE CHOSEN FEW - so they now have a new 12 (Apostles?) to follow the Parish Priest!!!!

All of this stinks to high heaven.

* No other Parish is ruled the way this one is.

* No other Parish descriminates the way this one does.

* No other Parish covers up and hides the UNSAVOURY goings on in the Parish the way this one does.

* No other Parish treats staff who work for the Church the way this one does.

* No other Parish dismisses members of the Parish Council by dissolving the Parish Council when they have no legal basis to remove a member because of an employment dispute - then signs up all the other members again, the way this one does.

* No other Parish writes to a Liturgy Group member telling them the group is disbanded (which was untrue) puts the name Jubilee before the title and everyone except that one member stays on while the other member is excluded, the way this one does.

* Nobody does anything about it.

* Nobody steps in and disciplines the Dictator who runs it The Parish Priest. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Sotto Voce

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