Friday, September 19, 2008

Catholic Bloggers Forum - Democratic or Catholic?

My dear bloggies, have a read of the message hereunder sent by the now retiring manager of the Irish Catholics it not a little disturbing?? (SV)
Dear Member

The following is the text of a personal message
which I have sent to everyone.

I am emailing it to you as well in case you are
not regularly logging on to the Irish Catholics'

We have a new co-moderator, CPM, and if he allows me
I hope to hand the forum over to him completely soon.

He and I have agreed to remove the threads where the
atheist posters were active and to bar the individuals
concerned. All registered members may now start and
reply to threads.

New posts will be moderated carefully and members who post
anti-Catholic ideas will not be allowed to remain. I think I
was wrong to allow so much freedom because this forum was
intendedto be a place where (mainly) Traditionalist Catholics
could communicate with one another.

I thought it would be instructive to hear the views of
non-believers but the atheist members were so vociferous
and sometimes so aggressive that it changed the overall
tone of the forum and may have put some Catholics off.

We have got a number of new members (possibly because of the
advertising in recent weeks) so there is hope for the future.

May I ask all of you to give a little time to re-energising
the forum under this new regime, in the hope that it will
have a future under the management of CPM.

Many thanks

Michael G

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Sotto Voce

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Póló said...

Looks like we're heading back to John Charles's Patricians.

No Protestants or Unbelievers need apply.

Perhaps the Forum should apply to the Vatican so that posts would carry a plenary indulgence and comments a partial one!

Back to the Future

Anonymous said...

All it took was three non-believers using logical arguments and looking for such heretical notions as evidence for claims and the devout Catholics ran for cover. Censorship is an age old tool of the Catholic Church Limited so this is not really surprising.

Finn McCool
The groundless nature of a belief is only exposed when it meets unbelief.

irishmauddib said...

Exactly the response one would expect of them.

If someone disgrees with you cover your ears.

If they show you counter evidence cover your eyes.

If it continues then just find a way to silence them by leaving, banning, killing, torturing, capturing or in some other way removing the speaker from your zone of discussion.

Its sickening. The entire management of that site are an embarrasment to their faith, to rational discourse, to Irish society and to themselves.

So I see they are banning the atheists from their site now and also anyone who tries to "post anti-Catholic ideas".

"Pathetic" is the NICEST word I can find for this approach. You do not see us here banning people who espouse pro religious ideas.

I wonder where this pathetic management will draw the line. WHOS idea of Catholic ideas will be he accepting? His own only? History has seen that Ilk before Herr Dictator sir.

Anything he disagrees with will now be "anti-Catholic ideas" subject to you being banned and silenced and your post removed.

Real genuine catholics will suffer under this Fascist Regime. They will have genuine concerns or ideas about Catholocism. But just by voicing them or questioning something they are now "Anti-Catholic".

Pathetic as I said before.

The website will become a little groupie list of fans who are worshiping the dear leader the moderator and sitting there spouting crap like "Oh yes moderator sir, you are sooooo right, well said".