Saturday, September 27, 2008

Clerical Errors In USA

It has come to our attention here in CW that a rather amusing incident has taken place in the last 7-10 days in South Bend, Indiana, USA involving clergy from the Reformed Catholic Church due to what can be only termed a serious clerical error.

The Archbishop, His Grace, Philip Zimmerman, had just alighted from his aeroplane and met by a chauffeur from the local Archdiocese, and promptly shown to the limo.

Whilst speeding to what was presumed to be the destination, it transpired that the VIP in the back seat was not the one that was due to be collected!!

Graciously, the chauffeur returned the AB to the airport, and then went to find his original and intended passenger and convey him to his destination.

One could infer that this was the RC clergy kidnapping their RCC counterparts but one cannot allow this to be thought as it would indeed be almost sinful in its own right.

For the benefit of those chauffeurs sent to convey AB's, above is a picture of Archbishop Zimmerman, who, though appreciative of the lift in the limo, certainly would not wish to upstage or inherit the episcopal throne of another AB - cathedra or car.

Sure, it could only happen to a (Arch)Bishop!!

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Anonymous said...

It must have been a pink stretch limo complete with white fluffy cushions. Bishops all look the same these days. But a free ride up the highway is always welcome when there's room for three in the back.