Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Vatican releases Pope's programme for Kazakhstan

The Holy Father is visiting the Central Asian country to the south of Russia, for the VII Congress of Leaders of of World and Traditional Religions.

The theme of this year’s event will be "The Role of Leaders of World and Traditional Faiths in the Socio-Spiritual Development of Humanity after the Pandemic."

Every three years, religious leaders from around the world gather at the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, in Nur-Sultan.

The last and only Pope to visit Kazakhstan was Pope St. John Paul II in 2001, who traveled there under the motto 'Love One Another.'

Pope Francis will remain in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan and have a busy three days.

Pope's Itinerary in Kazakhstan

Upon landing in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, 13 September, he will pay a courtesy visit to the Kazakh President and address authorities.

On Wednesday, he will have a moment of silent prayer with religious leaders, and address them during the Congress’ opening and plenary session. The Pope will then meet with some of the leaders privately.

In the afternoon, he will celebrate Mass for the country’s Catholics.

According to the Pew Research Center, the country is at least 70% Muslim, and about 25% Christian, of which less than 1% is Catholic.

On Thursday, the Pope will address bishops, priests, religious, pastoral workers, and seminarians, and will also meet with the country's Jesuits.

He will also give another address at the conclusion of the Congress, during which there will be the reading of the event's final declaration.

Pope Francis will return to Rome about 8:15 local time on Thursday evening.