Standing in front of the federal offices, José Ángel Soubervielle, director of Actívate, said that “unfortunately the demand for justice remains a silent cry of society.”

“That’s why we went to these agencies to tell the authorities that outside the doors of their offices there are many people who are crying out for true peace and tranquility,” he said.

Soubervielle stressed that “true justice will only be achieved when the authorities capture those who directly killed the Jesuit priests and the tour guide.”

“That’s why the impunity that still prevails around this crime is undeniable, which allows them to continue operating at will against a society that is already sick and tired of so many deaths and insecurity,” he charged.

The Mexican authorities have designated José Noriel Portillo Gil, alias “El Chueco,” as the murderer of the Jesuit priests and the Mexican businessman. The Chihuahua state attorney general’s office has offered a reward of up to 5 million pesos (about $250,000) for information leading to his capture.

It is estimated that the first three and a half years of the current administration of President López Obrador have been the most violent period on record in the history of Mexico, with more than 120,000 homicides.