Thursday, December 24, 2009

Roscrea liturgy group publishes new prayer book

A liturgy group in Roscrea in North Tipperary has produced a new prayer book, which provides prayers and reflections for everyday of the week.

The book entitled “Quiet Moments” was launched recently by the parish priest of Roscrea Fr Tom Corbett.

The prayer book contains thoughts and reflections for each day of the week, for family, for Christmas and for times of sadness.

According to Fr Tom, “these reflections provide words, phrases, images and prayers, which will help the meditative reader to see and feel differently about life and its events and moods.”

Fr Corbett added, "The book would inspire and energise the searcher.” And he recommended the book as a good way to praise, think and reflect on life.

Fr Corbett said that a lovely painting of a sunflower by Mary Loughman aptly beautifies the cover of “Quiet Moments” with the sunflower signifying both light and colour.

“Quiet Moments” costs €8.00 and proceeds from the book will be donated to the Day Care Centre Unit at the Dean Maxwell Home and St Anne's School in Roscrea town.

Attending the launch were Fr Michael Harding CC, Spiritual Director of the Roscrea liturgy group, invited guests, interested persons and members of the liturgy group.

Guest of honour was Mrs. Mary Loughman, who attends the Dean Maxwell Care Centre Community Unit.

Mary painted the sunflower that adorns the cover of the book.

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