Monday, January 30, 2012

Vandalized, decapitated Jesus statue deemed a total loss

A statue of Jesus was decapitated this weekend outside a Columbia Road church named after Mother Teresa.

The Reverend Jack Ahern, of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta at St. Margaret’s church, said that when he arrived at the church early Sunday morning, he found the statue without its head and knocked partially off its stand.

“The head was to its side in multiple pieces. It’s almost like he whacked the head first, and then pushed it off its base,” Ahern said.

Ahern said the statue was originally at St. William’s church in Savin Hill, but was moved to Blessed Mother Teresa several years ago. 

Ahern said the statue touched, and was touched by, many.

“The statue was right by the sidewalk,” he said. “Kids and adults would walk by and touch the hand of Jesus.”

The statue is beyond repair, Ahern said. 

He added that the parish has not yet discussed replacing it.

Boston police said they received a call for vandalism Sunday morning and will further investigate the incident.