Sunday, March 19, 2017

CENTRAL AFRICA - 968 displaced people return home thanks to funds donated by the Holy See

Image result for John XXIII center in BanguiCaritas donated financial assistance to facilitate the return of 968 displaced persons welcomed in the John XXIII center in Bangui to their home. 

The necessary funds, 80 million CFA Francs, were allocated by the Holy See. 

The Vatican initiative relates not only to the John XXIII center but also to other reception centers for displaced persons who were forced to flee from the clashes during the most acute phases of the civil war.

According to the head of the Caritas programs, Marcel Bendo, the funds allocated by the Vatican allow to help 371 families. 

In addition to the John XXIII center, the program is also aimed at the St Marc Major Seminary, San Salvatore and the Capuchin parishes. 

IDPs welcomed in San Salvatore parish and those at the Seminary have already received the sum that has allowed them to return.

The Vatican's contribution to encourage the return of refugees comes after the 'home for Christmas Operation' launched by the government that allowed the closure of the reception center at Bangui airport and other places in the Central African capital.

In February 2017 there were 127,933 displaced persons grouped in reception centers in Bangui against 138,415 in March 2016.

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