Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Limerick PP and Gay Sauna (5)


Let us make one thing very clear.

We have no problem with any ones sexuality, in particular, any priests.

Everyone is entitled to live their own life as they please, as long as they are law abiding, and do not interfere any other person’s rights to do the same.

Some of us lead very spiritual lives, others, a lot less so…..!!!, with most of us striking somewhat of a happy balance at “normal”
At www.the-factory.ie (Gay Sauna) we welcome each day, all sorts of customers from across the L.G.B.T (Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community, regardless of sexual orientation, race, colour, or creed.

Our customers come from all walks of life, and from all over the country, and every conceivable profession, and yes some of our regular customers past and present are indeed priests, some of which are well known to the media, for reasons NOT concerned with child lerical sex abuse. 

Client confidentiality, and trust, is paramount to our business, and indeed forms the corner stone of our relationship with all our customers, regardless of their circumstances. 

We will NEVER divulge any information about our clients to anyone, even priests, it’s just not good business.

However, in the case aforementioned, on our website, (Fr Jerry Brouder, previously of Crecora, quickly moved for “medical reasons” down the road to St. Pauls Dooradoyle Limerick, and probably moved somewhere else by now.. ) we had absolutely no option. 

Fr Brouder, of:- (ever moving), abused his privileged position in society, to mislead us into thinking he was a genuine business philanthropist and potential investor. He contrived an elaborate persona, complete with false identity, and false documentation, in order to gain our trust and insight into our business model.

This behaviour in isolation would have been somewhat excusable, prompting us to simply part company – with any business relationship with Fr Brouder and affording him the usual  privacy, offered to any client.

However, when Fr Brouder gained our trust, and unrestricted access to our business operations and client base, he then set about disseminating our business covertly from within by feeding false and potentially damaging information to both suppliers and customers.

Having damaged our business reputation to the extent that we could no longer continue at our previous location, he then recruited some help and set about setting up his own competing GAY SAUNA business in Limerick, endeavouring to close ours in the process.

He then tried to blackmail us.

The blackmail letter, along with other evidence, was given to Fr Tony Mullins, Limerick Diocese Ireland.

We were promised the matter would be dealt with, it wasn’t,…. And STILL hasn’t been dealt with.

We ASKED for answers in August of this year 2011, (see #4 Clerical Whispers Blog Limerick PP & Gay Sauna)

We were assured a response by November at the very latest… We are STILL waiting!! 

Instead they have spent their time covering up their mess, the website: www.thebasementlimerick.com has been taken down, a further damming indictment of Brooder’s involvement.

There is of course a lot more information … which we plan to release.

But there are, more efficient and effective websites other than our own, for that purpose.

Again we have NO PROBLEM, with priests, who happen to be Gay, attending our Sauna, we welcome them.

However...we DO HAVE A PROBLEM, when they attempt to destroy the very fabric of our livelihood and family stability.

A word of WARNING for the M.I.B. ...... 

Don't dare attempt to censor our website again through our host provider....