Wednesday, July 13, 2022

New Beginnings

It is over 5 years since we last published on this blogspot, and in the interim, so much has happened on the international stage - whether religiously, politically, socially or otherwise.

Perhaps, during that time, this blog would have been kept in overdrive for the want of keeping you all updated with all that happened, and continues to happen.

In the last year or so alone, many of us who had held positions here in CW, were in touch and felt it wsas time to start opening this blog again, and we cast this idea further beyond ourselves and just under 96% of those we surveyed supported the idea of our starting to publish again.

Once we had that survey back, discussed the results, and reflected on whether we could proceed, the numbers we need to keep it going etc etc - we decided to again take a month out to discuss this with the site founder, amongst ourselves again, and some external advisors.

And the result of all of this.....?

15 months on from when we started to discuss this as a possibility, it is now a definite return....

.....and the team has started the work already with one major story - from Ireland (and accompanying international flavour) - going to be the big opener for us, as well as being an eye-opener for some of the main characters.

We will begin to publish as soon as we have final legal clearance to do so.