Monday, July 25, 2022

CW Investigates : Operation Ainmhian (2)

When is a victim not a victim? 

I know this is a shocking question and not meant for one moment to denigrate or belittle the terrible effects that abuse of any kind has on victims.

Theirs is a pain and suffering that is immeasurable and so tragic. 

A true victim of abuse of any kind should be listened to, believed, nurtured, and helped in every way possible to get over the terrible nightmare of the evil perpetrated by others.

However, the opening question remains. 

When is a victim not actually a victim? 

It is a sad reality in our world that there are those who for one reason or another, paint themselves as victims and because of this feel that they can behave in any manner they wish. This of course, is not to say that these people are not victims. 

Perhaps they are, but surely a difficulty arises when actions do not match words. 

What this means is, can you claim to be a victim and then day after day, publicly attempt to embarrass, demean, belittle, and destroy someone you claim has been the cause of your emotional distress? 

Can you claim to be a victim and then publicly promise that this humiliation will continue unless your demands are met? 

Can you claim to be a victim and then go a long distance to your alleged abuser’s hometown and frequent shops there, in the full knowledge that you may well meet your alleged abuser there? 

These are interesting and valid questions and are pertinent to a recent Clerical Whispers Investigates blog which detailed that we were following a story in Ireland wherein a priest had been accused of several acts of misbehaviour, including the pursuit, and targeting of an allegedly vulnerable woman.

We have various people working on this case and will continue to pursue what is emerging as an ever more interesting truth, as more and more evidence comes to light. 

In the very near future, we will be able to reveal fuller details but for now we posit these questions.