Wednesday, July 13, 2022

CWI: Clerical Whispers Investigates : Back In The Game

My dear colleagues, brothers and sisters in Christ and all who visit this site, we are delighted to announce the re-activation of CWI: Clerical Whispers Investigates.

Over the last few months, we have been keeping eyes on some stories 'breaking out' elsewhere, and have decided to start our own investigations again.

Due to the nature of some (if not all) claims and allegations in one particular scenario, it was decided to get legal assistance, external (i.e. international) and local (i.e.Irish) qualified and discreet investigators, and all the evidence that can be obtained AND lawfully published thus far.

* carried out over 13 separate branches of inquiry and investigation,  
* availed of legal advice, 
* interviewed many parties involved,
* read, seen, listened and watched as much verifiable evidence as is legally permissable to publish, it hasnow been decided that we here in CW will now proceed to publishing the majority of these claims - with EVIDENCE.
What remains unmentioned and unpublished is solely down to the fact that there is now legal concern and action to take place, and where permitted, and legally advised, reference will be made.

Such allegations that WILL be published / challenged shall contain

* Names that will identify ALL persons concerned;

* Evidence - documentary shall also be published in total;

* Current update as to where the matter is currently situated, and

* Right to reply shall be accorded to all parties concerned.

If you wish to submit an allegation for investigation, please do so by making contact with us via and subject it CWI for our attention and we will take care of it from there.


Once published, we invite responses from those concerned so as to offer a fair balance and right to reply, but please do understand - one and all - that if one party does not respond, then it does not mean either it is biased on our part or indeed on theirs!!

We sincerely looking forward to hearing from all, and please God, it might serve a purpose of showing those further up the hierarchial ladder that all is not well down here at ground level and something needs to be done!!!

Get in touch, get it investigated, get it resolved!!!

Sotto Voce