Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boy takes stage with Pope Francis, hugs him, won't leave Francis displayed his patience Saturday during an address in St. Peter's Square when a little boy with a buzz cut and a striped shirt climbed up on stage and refused to leave.

He'd apparently been seated with other children on a bench to the side of the stage when he walked over to the center where the pope was at the lectern, speaking on the topic of families.

The boy marched around and gazed placidly. 

At one point, security and aides tried to lure him offstage -- he was offered a treat from someone's pocket and taken by an arm. 

The young visitor turned to the pope and wrapped his arms around the pontiff's legs. 

The pope smiled benignly and rubbed the boy on his head. 

Later, as the pope was shaking hands with a man, the boy reached up and hung onto both of their hands. 

Then he saw a girl standing off the side. 

He pulled her over closer to the pope, like he had a special "in" with the man. 

Perhaps now he does.

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