Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sotto Voce...February Happenings

My dear friends, as the end of January approaches, we begin to look towards the month of February, which marks the beginning of the season of Spring (Deo Gratias).

February, in the Liturgical Calendar, is the month of the Purification of the Blessed Mother of Jesus, and for the month of February, we here at CW shall on a daily basis, publish the prayer that is associated with this important celebration in the life of the Church and her people.

Here in Ireland, the very 1st day of spring (An tEarrach) which is the Pagan tide feast of fertility we have the Feast of Saint Brigid, who is considered by many to be the first female Christian bishop and one of the 3 patron saints of Ireland.

We will publish some biographical information on her and indeed the prayer to her which can be recited when the new St Brigid's cross as pictured is placed over the main door to every house and byre the length and breadth of the country.

On 2nd February, we have Candlemas Day which is also the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.

It is also the day when candles are blessed in the church for use throughout the remainder of the year, serving as a reminder of the light of Christ that shall enter our lives and homes.

Lent 2009 - begins on Ash Wednesday (25th February) and continues until Easter Sunday (12th April) which is considered to be normally the time of the year when it falls within this timeframe ie late February towards early / mid April.

As part of our daily spirutality ethos, we will post a reflection on this site and shall use the symbol alongside to indicate it for those of you who wish to follow the journey of Christ over 2,000 years later of His final earthly journey.

We encourage as many of you as is possible to consider undertaking this journey at this important time of the year.

Let us also pray for each other in these straitened times and let us never forget the presence of Christ at all times in our lives.

To each and all of, reflect as we begin a new year liturgically, and a new journey of faith, disbelief, anger and joy...we are human but all created in the likeness of Christ.

Let us remember that He took that journey for us and the least we can do is consider taking His last steps with Him.

Cách beannacht oraibh go léir

Sotto Voce