Thursday, January 05, 2017

Seoul requests its Buddhist temples be included on heritage site list
The South Korean government is working on the registration of seven mountain Buddhist temples on the UNESCO world heritage list. 

An administration official of the cultural heritage (Cha) department announced the move yesterday.
The request will be presented later this month, and according to the official will include the temple on Mount Beopju Songni, the temple on Mount Tongdo Yeongchuk, the temple on Mount Buseok Bonghwang, the temple on Mount Bongjeong Cheondeung, the temple on Mount Magok Taehwa, the temple Seonam on Mount Jogye and the temple on Mount Daehung Suryun.

The official also said that the final decision on the status of the temples will be taken in 2018 following a review process lasting 18 months. 

Before the request, the Administration has submitted sites in seminars and conservation projects, by inserting the temples in the provisional list of UNESCO World Heritage in 2013.

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