Sunday, January 29, 2017

PERU - The Bishops on the new public education program

"The basic principles of education in the country should follow the provisions of the General Education Law and the Constitution of the country. 

Recognizing the many positive aspects of the program of study, we draw attention to the fact that the Ministry of Education has included notions that are not from the Constitution but from the so-called gender ideology. 

This procedure seriously reverses the constitutional legal system: a lower-level legislation cannot be above the law or contradict the fundamental law of the State". 

This is what is said in the statement issued by the Bishops of Peru, at the end of 109 ordinary Assembly of the Episcopal Conference, which concerns the principles of public education in the country.

"A climate of confusion has been created among Peruvians regarding the role of the State towards family and marriage - continued the text sent to Fides - and the right of parents to choose the type of education they want for their children has been violated".

"For the sake of our children, adolescents and Peruvian families, until an agreement is reached according to the constitutional order established, we urge the deletion of ideology notions of gender in the new program of study", the Bishops concluded.