Monday, January 30, 2017

Church's strength in persecuted churches biggest strength of the Church today is in the "small churches" that are persecuted and there are more Christian martyrs than there were in early Christianity, though the media do not talk about it, Pope Francis said at Mass in the Vatican's Santa Marta guesthouse Monday.
Parts were reported by Vatican Radio. "We are also satisfied when we see an important ecclesiastical act that has been very successful," he added.

"This is strength. But the Church's biggest strength is now in small churches, with few people, persecuted, with their bishops in jail. This is our glory today, this is our glory and our strength." 

Pope Francis stressed the need to hold on to memories like Abraham did when he left his land without knowing where he was going, to remember important acts and to hold onto the "memory of martyrs".

Martyrs, he noted, "are those who suffered and gave their lives like Jesus did", who have been "stoned, tortured or killed by swords".