Sunday, January 29, 2017

IVORY COAST - The Bishops denounce "a deleterious climate which threatens to undermine the achievements made"

National reconciliation, release of all persons detained in relation to the political-military crisis of 2002-2011, redistribution of wealth for greater social justice. 

These are the indications offered by the Bishops of the Ivory Coast in a message in which they express serious concern for the future of the Country in the grip of military uprisings and strikes by public employees.

"Feelings of frustration and revolt still harbor in the hearts of so many Ivorians" reads the message, sent to Agenzia Fides, which was published at the end of the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops' Conference of the Ivory Coast, held in Katiola.

Among the causes of discomfort there are ongoing trials against the leaders of the old regime of former President Laurent Gbagbo, who "instead of calming people down, arouse sufferings and concerns. Some of our compatriots are unjustly detained in prison, and others live in exile, far from the Country".

"Several fighters and military involved in the successive crises that has shaken our Country are not serene, and fear for their future", such as "many young people, who had hoped for a better life by engaging on the side of politicians, are increasingly disillusioned and embittered". 

"This deleterious climate - says the message - is likely to seriously undermine all the achievements made, the fruit of our efforts".

Recognizing the rulers in charge of the efforts made for the development of the Country, the Bishops ask them "more effort for the redistribution of growth, for a fair trial and to facilitate the return of exiles, with guaranteed security for all".

The Bishops' Conference finally launch an appeal to "all the components of the Ivorian society, to discuss issues related to security, the cost of living, youth unemployment, working conditions, wage situation, etc ..."