Monday, January 30, 2017

DR CONGO - One more week to reach an agreement on the implementation of the San Silvestro agreements

Prime Minister's designation, allocation of ministries among the different parties of the coalition, the role of CENCO (Congolese National Episcopal Conference) in the transition period. 

These are the points still under discussion in order to implement the agreement of 31 December 2016, aimed at helping to overcome the political crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the failure of the presidential elections which were to be held in December 2016.

"The main thing has been done. There remains only three points. And we are hopeful that these three points will be taken into consideration during the period of our trip to Europe. We will be back in a week", said His Exc. Mgr. Fridolin Ambongo Besungu, Archbishop of Mbandaka-Bikoro and Vice President of the Episcopal Conference, at the time of boarding along with other Congolese Bishops to Europe for a series of visits.

Mgr. Ambongo, who mediates on behalf of CENCO between majority and opposition, criticized the politicians who in his opinion were blocking the negotiations, saying that "with their bad faith" put "the Pastors patience to the test", warning that if an agreement was not found by January 28, the negotiations threatened to fall through. 

With his latest statement Mgr. Ambongo is more confident and gives political forces a further week to overcome their differences.

Meanwhile, the situation is aggravated by the insecurity in different areas of the Country. In Kananga, capital of Central Kasai, six people have died in clashes between security forces and followers of the traditional late chief Kamuina Nsapu, killed in July 2016. 

According to UN sources, since the date of his death to date at least 150 people have died for the violence caused by his followers. This is why it is also urgent that the DRC has a new government and stable and credible institutions.