Monday, January 30, 2017

Cardinal Nichols: God is source of society’s unity

Image result for cardinal nicholsCardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster celebrated the silver jubilee of his episcopal ordination on January 23.

“Today so many speak about the need to build a more coherent society, one in which we share benefits and burdens, working to overcome recent divisions of opinion, uniting in a new project,” he preached. 

“Our mission is to speak again and again that such unity of purpose has only one ultimate source: our unity in God our Creator.”

Citing Pope Benedict XVI, he added:
And there is only one ultimate power of reconciliation: the person of Jesus Christ, whose Gospel is not a constriction of human freedom, but truly “liberates our minds and enlightens our efforts to live wisely and well, both as individuals and as members of society.”’
Cardinal Nichols also noted that “ours is an age of callous disregard to the value of human life” and “an age of ideologies that see their pathway of growth lying in the belittling and destruction of others.”