Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New books by ‘Vatileaks II’ figures promise new sensations

Image result for vatileaks 2Two forthcoming books, by authors who figured prominently in the “Vatileaks II” scandal, threaten to cause more headaches for Vatican officials, with sensational promises of exposing corruption.

Francesca Chaouqui, who was convicted of conspiracy to leak secret Vatican documents but given a suspended sentence, has written a book entitled In the Name of Peter, in which she says that she will “tell the whole story” about the effort to reform Vatican finances, and provide documentation of wasteful spending and bureaucratic intrigue. 

The Chaouqui book is scheduled for publication in early February.

Emiliano Fittipaldi, the Italian journalist who wote a book based on the leaked documents, has now completed a new work, simply entitled Lust, in which his publisher says that he will “lift the veil on the shocking reality of sex scandals involving priests, bishps, and cardinals from around the world.” 

The book will be released on January 19.

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