Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church selling cook book

Our Lady of Lourdes is always cooking up good things for the Catholic Church and the community it serves.
Having recently completed a new covered walkway for the church, the parish is focused on its next project, a cookbook featuring more than 320 recipes from locals as well as family from all over the U.S.

The Ladies’ Alter Society and Men’s Club announce the upcoming publication of “Manna on the Mississippi,” a cookbook dedicated to the memory of the Rev. Charles Murray Clayton. Parishioner Corinne Randazzo said the church has such great cooks, many who have since died, that the church wanted to create a collection.

“We have lots of southern Louisiana recipes, as well as recipes from all across the U.S. from family,” Randazzo said. “It’s not just a cook book. We have put in a little bit about our priests who have served us and a history of the church.”

Randazzo said many recipes feature anecdotes about parishioners.

“For example, one of the ladies who was never married, she always made the best Boston cream pie,” Randazzo said. “But if you would ask for the recipe, she would always leave one little ingredient out so your recipe would never taste like hers. We did get that last ingredient from the family.”
Having had Indian priests at the church for the past 20 years, Randazzo said the book also contains recipes with an international flair.

The cost of “Manna on the Mississippi” is $15 plus $5 if the book has to be shipped. Contact Randazzo at 601-597-2917 or Pat Stein at 601-807-6383 to order or for more information. 

Profits from the sale will be used toward upgrading the church hall’s heating and air conditioning system.

The book — which has already sold 150 copies before it has arrived at the church — also features artwork by parishioner Ann Reeves Faillace as well as the late Anna Krueger Clayton.

The artwork on the front cover features prominently the new portico walkway built by Wilmar Construction. Parishioners Lloyd and Karen Songe donated approximately $25,000 for the project.

The portico walkway features brick columns  and arches that echo the style of the existing church and tower. The walkway provides shelter from the entrance of the church to the curb.

“For the older people who have to be let out at the curb, they have a covered walkway when it rains,” Randazzo said. “Our church is so concerned that our grounds and upkeep are in top shape, that during the month of October, we received the coveted Best Kept Lawn from the Vidalia Garden Club.”

Randazzo said Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church with pastor the Rev. Joseph Xavier Vethamanickam is a small but active church.

“We are very active and into our community, visiting the sick in nursing homes and in their own homes,” Randazzo said. “We have a happy church. We have a lot of volunteers who love to work and make the church a loving church.”

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