Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wales and the Midlands are ‘most spiritual’ parts of Britain, poll suggests

Llyn Cwellyn, near Rhyd Ddu, North Wales (PA)A YouGov poll for the Times has found that the Midlands and Wales are the “most spiritual’ parts of Britain. 

Only 31 per cent of respondents said that there was no “God or greater spiritual power”. 

In London and the North, the figure was 44 per cent.

Atheist materialism was also stronger among Remain voters – 45 per cent of whom rejected any spiritual power – than among Leave voters, where the figure was 35 per cent.

The poll found that only 28 per cent of respondents believe in God, down from 32 per cent in February 2015. 

A fifth believe in a spiritual power which isn’t God, while 38 per cent believe in neither.

A YouGov poll in March found that 46 per cent of Britons self-identify as Christians.

According to the new poll, three quarters of Britons say that will definitely not attend a Christmas service.

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