Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Colombian archbishop threatened by opponents of peace agreement

Image result for Archbishop Dario de Jesus Monsalve MejiaArchbishop Dario de Jesus Monsalve Meijia of Cali, Colombia, has revealed that he has received death threats because of his involvement in efforts to broker a peace agreement between the country’s government and FARC rebels.

The archbishop told reporters that leaflets had been delivered to his residence, promising “death to FARC” and to “Communist clergy.” 

He said that if such threats prevail, “soon it will be impossible to say the word ‘peace,’ let alone reach or even get close to groups in order to continue the path of dialogue.”

The archbishop said that although he reported the threats to police, he did not fear for his life. 

He insisted that political leaders must overcome threats and intimidation to finalize a peace accord.

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