Sunday, June 16, 2024

CWI : Operation Midensis (1)

Today, Sunday 16th June 2024, an article appeared in an Irish newspaper, whereby Bishop Tom Deenihan of the RC Diocese of Meath apologises for online postings of a priest of same said diocese - namely Fr Fergal Cummins.

The name of this priest is not new to us here in CW, and indeed he has been on our radar and under investigation for some time, and his questionable postings in relation to the Irish Local and European Elections were certainly eyebrow raising.

However, what seems to have gone unmentioned are his postings (now removed) in relation to female masturbation - and this then leads to the further questions which his local ordinary (bishop) needs to address.....

.....why was Fr Cummins removed from his chaplaincy position at the Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary School, Tullamore, Co Offaly, and replaced by Fr Joseph Campbell?

Was it down to something he said in a classroom?

Was an investigation carried out?

Who ordered his removal and replacement?

From the information gathered by us here in CW to date, it certainly was questionable and we invite anyone who wishes to get in touch with us - on condition of anonymity - with any further details, to do so.

If Bishop Deenihan will not address this matter, we most certainly will.

We put this question now to Bishop Deenihan - as you have apologised for  (quote) ‘hurt’ caused by far-right memes and conspiracy theories posted to Facebook by priest (unquote), will you now apologise to the female population for his postings in relation to female masturbation?

We look forward to hearing from you.