Tuesday, February 28, 2017

UNITED STATES - #WeAreAllTexas: February 28, Day of Action for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017 communities throughout Texas will gather in Austin for #WeAreAllTexas: a Day of Action for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. 

The event will begin with a march that will start at 10 am from Austin City Hall, followed by a demonstration at 11, at the Texas Capitol, and will end with visits and meetings with representatives of the State.

Delegations of secular and ecclesial associations, parishes and groups involved, as well as professionals, have decided to once again go to Austin to reiterate the dangers of the "Senate Bill 4", the bill that provides strict rules for immigrants under the pretext of public safety. 

The note sent to Fides by the Border Network for Human Rights highlights that in this way the responsibility falls on local governments with a devastating impact on families and communities.

The "Movimiento de Sanctuario'', born in March 1982, which offers protection to undocumented immigrants, has become the focal point of many organizations (especially religious men) in their service to vulnerable migrants.