Monday, February 27, 2017

Czech, Slovak prelates cite dangers of immigration surge

Image result for Archbishop Dominik DukaA flood of immigrants can pose dangers to society, and a surge in Islamic immigration raises special concerns, two prelates from Slovakia and the Czech Republic said at a conference on religion and migration.

“If there is migration that is unprepared and without any prospects, the whole society may disintegrate,” said Archbishop Dominik Duka of Prague. 

He said that immigration must be subject to reasonable controls, which would “take into account not only the well-being of the afflicted, but we also necessarily protect the population of the host countries.”

Archbishop Stanislaw Zvolensky of Bratislava added a special concern about the massive influx of Muslim immigrants, noting the number of terrorist attacks by groups claiming Islamic motivation. 

“The facts can logically result in the conclusion that the bigger the Muslim community, the higher the likelihood of violent acts,” he said.