Monday, February 27, 2017

URUGUAY - Concern of the Church for the labor crisis in Soriano and in Cologne

As Lent approaches, the priests of the diocese of Mercedes (Urugauy) with the Bishop, His Exc. Mgr. Carlos Collazzi, issued a statement expressing "concern and pain" for "the difficult situation faced by many workers and their families, due to the reduction of jobs and the reduction of stable and secure employment".

"The fundamental right to work that ennobles each person as a contributor and co-creator of a better world" is "subject and a slave to speculation that puts capital and profit before human beings".

The letter sent to Fides by the Episcopal Conference, stresses that priests invite to discern on "the crisis of work".

In this regard they invite to be close to families affected by the crisis and to carry out the works of mercy in this time of Lent, which begins on 1 March, Ash Wednesday, in addition to promoting spaces for "sincere, honest and constructive" dialogue among the parties in conflict.

The statement concludes with the wish that "the paschal mystery enlightens, strengthens and encourages employers, workers and those responsible for economy and politics, in the search for solutions to decent work and put the person and the family above the material aspect".

According to data collected by Fides, the industry sector in Uruguay in 2016 negatively affected the country for the third consecutive year. 

The closure of the Fanapel paper factory (250 workers) and another in the food industry Molino Dolores, caused the loss of many jobs and as a result has left families without income.