Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pope ponders South Sudan visit with Welby

Pope FrancisOn a historic visit to Rome's Anglican parish, Pope Francis said he was studying the possibility of a joint one-day visit to famine-stricken South Sudan with Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

The Pontiff made the announcement in response to a question from a journalist during the visit on Sunday with Archbishop Welby.

He was explaining how 'young Churches', have a lot to teach us.

"Young Churches have more vitality and a strong need to work together. For example, I'm studying ... my staff is studying the possibility of a trip to South Sudan," he said.

"Why? Because the Anglican, the Presbyterian and the Catholic bishops have come to me and the three told me: 'Please come to South Sudan, only for one day, but don't come alone, come with Justin Welby,' that is with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

"From them, a young Church, came this creativity. And we're thinking whether it is possible, the situation is so bad over there.

"But we must do it because they, the three together want peace, and they work together for peace," Francis said.

He pointed out how the ecumenical invitation came from leaders of the three main Christian confessions in South Sudan, who hope the presence of the Bishop of Rome and the Primate of the Anglican Communion would help pacification.

Pope Francis is the first pontiff to visit the Anglican parish in Rome, the Daily Mail adds.