Sunday, February 26, 2017

Secretariat to up papal-image protection

The Vatican said Wednesday that its Secretariat of State was taking steps to increase protection of the image of Pope Francis. 

It did not state whether the move was linked to posters protesting against the pope that recently appeared in Rome or a fake edition of Vatican daily L'Osservatore Romano that came out some days ago. 

"The Secretariat of State, among its tasks, has also that of protecting the image of the Holy Father, so that his message can reach the faithful intact and that his person not be exploited," a statement said.

"It is in view of these same purposes, that the Secretary of State protects the symbols and coats of arms of the Holy See, through appropriate regulatory instruments provided for on an international level.

"In order to make its protective action more effective with respect to stated purposes, and to halt situations of illegality that arise, the Secretariat of State will effect systematic surveillance activities apt to monitor the ways in which the image of the Holy Father and the coats of arms of the Holy See are used, [and] if necessary intervene with appropriate action"