Saturday, December 24, 2016

Vatican newspaper decries ‘xenophobic,’ ‘populist’ electoral gains in Europe

An unsigned front-page article in the December 20 edition of L’Osservatore Romano lamented the “frightening electoral growth of xenophobic and populist forces” in the nations of the European Union.

The article recalled that the United Nations commemorated December 18 as International Migrants Day and stated that nearly 5,000 refugees lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea this year as they undertook their “journeys of hope.”

Increasingly severe conflicts, poverty, and environmental emergencies, the article continued, have triggered “desperate migratory flows,” and nations where refugees disembark (such as Italy), rather than the entire EU, are left to bear the burden.

“It is urgent that Europe respond by overcoming national egoism,” said Laura Boldrini, president of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy, as quoted by the Vatican newspaper.


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