Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catholic Church begins recovery phase

THE CHURCH’S National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCC) has begun two investigations into the handling of child protection complaints by the Sacred Heart Missionaries.

The order is examining allegations made by Senator Mark Daly in relation to its failure to properly supervise Fr Donnacha Mac Carthaigh, who was put on restricted ministry in 1996 but continued to travel freely outside the country without the order’s knowledge.

Seven complaints of sexual abuse were levelled against the former Cork GAA selector and Carrignavar principal between 1986 and 2008 but the Director of Public Prosecution failed to prosecute. 

During the 1990s, Fr Mac Carthaigh also worked as a counsellor and trained a number of underage teams.

The second investigation by the NBSCCC forms part of their overall audit of all dioceses and orders across the country. The board has just finished the dioceses audit and has begun their audit of the religious orders with the Sacred Heart Missionaries.

It is at the discretion of the Sacred Heart Missionaries as to when they publish the two audits.

Mr Daly has urged anybody who experienced abuse or is aware of abuse taking place at Carrignavar College "to make contact with Ian Elliott at the NBSCCC in Maynooth".

The NBSCCC said they "could not make any comment on any investigations that were taking place at this time".

The Sacred Heart Missionaries has refused to confirm or deny if more complaints have been lodged since Fr Mac Carthaigh’s name was mentioned in the Seanad.

It emerged in recent weeks that two civil cases against Fr Mac Carthaigh were settled in recent years by the Sacred Heart Missionaries. 

One victim had complained of being raped regularly, while the other had taken action over repeated sexual abuse.

Following Mr Daly’s speech, dozens of former pupils of Fr Mac Carthaigh and the former dean at Carrignavar, Fr Tadhg Daly, contacted the Irish Examiner to recount physical and sexual abuse by the two priests.