Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archdiocese denies fake news about cardinal's death

Cardinal Oswald Gracias is alive - the Archdiocese of Bombay felt compelled to issue this unusual press release.  

On Thursday, the Indian archdiocese informed the public that reports that reports of the death of its archbishop were fictitious. 

"We can confirm that His Eminence is very much alive and well and faithfully discharging his duties as the shepherd of his flock in the Archdiocese of Bombay," the statement said.

According to the archdiocese, many false messages are circulating via messenger platforms in which the cardinal is declared dead. 

"Spreading false information, whether intentionally or inadvertently, can cause unnecessary anxiety and confusion, so we ask you to check the facts before passing on a message," the archdiocese warns and calls on people to communicate correctly and responsibly.

Gracias has been bishop since 1997. He was appointed Archbishop of Bombay in 2006 and was elevated to Cardinal in 2007. 

He is also Chairman of the Indian Bishops' Conference. 

 In 2013, Pope Francis appointed the cardinal as a member of the Council of Cardinals, which was to prepare the reform of the Curia and accompanies it to this day. 

The Pope renewed Gracias' mandate in 2023. 

This year, the cardinal reaches the age of 80. 

On his birthday on Christmas Eve, he will lose the right to vote in the conclave.