Sunday, May 19, 2024

Scottish Episcopal Church discipline tribunal to hear complaints against bishop

In November 2023, the Preliminary Proceedings Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church referred to the church’s procurator a number of complaints lodged under Canon 54 against the Rt. Rev. Anne Dyer, bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney.

The complaints had been referred to the procurator for further consideration following investigation by the Preliminary Proceedings Committee.

The procurator, Paul Reid KC, has now decided to take three of those complaints to a hearing before the Clergy Discipline Tribunal, and Dyer has been formally notified of this decision. 

The alleged canonical offences concern behavior or conduct unbecoming of a member of the clergy, which brings or is likely to bring the church into disrepute. 

The other complaints will not be pursued further by the procurator.

The tribunal hearing will take place at the Mackenzie Building, Old Assembly Close, Edinburgh, commencing on Sept. 10. Under the terms of Canon 54, hearings are held in public, unless determined otherwise by the tribunal.

Dyer now has one month to enter a plea in respect of the accusations. 

She remains suspended during the Canon 54 process, and the Rt. Rev. Dorsey McConnell continues as acting bishop of the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney. 

McConnell preciously was the bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.