Thursday, February 02, 2017

Pope says all recent decisions of Knights of Malta are ‘null and void’

Pressing ahead with his takeover of the Knights of Malta, Pope Francis had declared that all recent decisions by the group’s leadership “are null and void.”

The Pope’s decision—conveyed to the Knights of Malta in a message from the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin—annuls all actions by Fra’ Matthew Festing, who submitted his resignation as grand master earlier this past week. 

The papal order affects actions and decisions dating back to December 6 of last year. 

The Pope also declared that decisions of the Knights’ governing council since that date are void. 

The papal decree would reverse the dismissal of the Order’s chancellor, Albrecht von Boesalager, and the appointment of John Critien as his temporary replacement. 

The Sovereign Council of the Knights of Malta was meet in an emergency session on Saturday, January 28. 

The group was due to address the resignation of Fra’ Festing—which cannot become official until it is accepted by the Sovereign Council—and the Pope’s directive.


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